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Mijnstroom Application

About This Project

The mijnstroom application was commissioned by the 1miljoenwatt foundation. Their basic idea was to give people a change to own a solar panel with the benefits without having that panel on your own roof. Their target group was people that living in a flat. Those people don’t have their own roof. But some of them really want to own a solar panel with their benefits. But where does 1miljoenwatt place those solar panels, I hear you think. At FC Groningen stadium.

1miljoenwatt, Essent and FC Groningen are working together to create clean energy. 1miljoenwatt want to reflect that experience in an application for owners of the solar panel. Me and my teammates worked on a mobiele application concept for those group of people. We have researched what those people really want in a application like this. The outcome of that research is shown above. With our applicatie we want to motivate people to live greener and know more about the solar panel they own.

Mobile Design
1miljoenwatt, essent, FC Groningen, green, solar panel