Tadeusz Siudak Portfolio | Schiphol Smartwatch Application
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Schiphol Smartwatch Application

About This Project

This is one of the projects I did in my internship at UNITiD. In my internship Apple announced the Apple Watch. Like any other agency, UNITiD began to start thinking about the possibilities for applications. We thought about what kind of value you can add to existing application, using the smartwatch. When the functionalities of the smartwatch became clear. We started thinking which existing application could use those functionalities of the smartwatch.

One of those applications was the Schiphol application. The existing application is about giving travelers information about their departing time, flight number and location of the gate. We tought about travelars who don’t have the time to search for those information and are used to travel. Those kind of people want the information when they need it. This concept of the smartwatch application is focussed on the location based information. Through beacons the application is able to navigate the user through Schiphol with the tapic engine. And add last presenting the Passbook for the ticket information in a notification.

This concept is developed with creating a persona and a customer journey. I also created a cardboard smartwatch to test the application. After that I used my MOTO 360 to test the application with Invision. After the creation of the application I have created a document that explains how to design for a smartwatch and how to test this application.


Interaction Designer, Visual Designer