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Smart Bike Parking

About This Project

The Smart Bike Parking project was a team project for the minor called, Intelligent Environments.¬†Amsterdam is a typical Dutch cycling municipality in the Netherlands. Every day, 490.000 Amsterdammers travel on the bike to their work or other destinations. Like other great municipalities in the Netherlands is the storage of bicycles a great problem. Cyclist don’t often know (or don’t want to know) where to park their bike and park it on a spot that often isn’t allowed. Amsterdam plans to spend more then¬†200 million euros until 2040 to improve roads, traffic flow and build new connections. But what if there was a easier way to find available parking spots. Could this be a piece of the solution?

Our idea was if people know where available parking spots are. Maybe they are also easier to persuaded to park their bicycle there. With the team we made sensors to measure with sound if a parking spot was available. This information is after the measurement communicated with a database. After the update of the database, cyclists could find this information with a webapplication. This webapplications shows the current location of the cyclist and the locations of the parking spots. With green/yellow and red color indication, cyclist see if the parking spot is full or not.


Frond-end Developer, Interaction Designer, Visual Designer

Mobile Design
Amsterdam, bicycle, design, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Intelligent Environments, Medialab, Parking, Persuade design, sensors, Smart