Image of the Weekschema project at Briq Bookings.


One of my latest projects was the Briq team, and I followed the whole discovery process to create a perfect solution for different prices in a week.

Image of the Planboard Redesign project at Briq Bookings.

Planboard redesign

What if we redesigned one of the most important pages in the for bowling merchants? On this page, I will show you how we did that.

Image of the Filter Button Redesign project at Briq Bookings.

Filter button redesign

A simple button redesign? In this project, I will show you that it was a little more complex than that.


Personal Development

Besides working hard to make the user experience of a website or application a little bit better. I also like to improve myself little by little.

Image of Tadeusz presenting a presentation at the X-Festival.

Project: Weightloss

At the beginning of the Corona Pandemic, I realized I needed to take better care of myself. I started running to lose my stay-at-home energy. It grew to going to the gym and eating less with great success. I have lost more than 20 kilos! Still more to go!

Image of the fitness application I have made in a gym.

Ted's fitness app (the name will change, hopefully ;))

Starting from a personal frustration of forgetting how many weights I needed to lift per activity, I designed and developed an app to help me. This is still a prototype, but curious how where this project will end.

Number of words and sentences I know in Polish.

Learning Polish

Maybe you already noticed my name and were wondering if he is Dutch. Well, I am, but I do have Polish parents. I wasn't raised bilingual, so I am learning that by myself. I have already learned 432 words and sentences!

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Project: Weekschema

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