Passionate UX Designer who loves to solve complex problems

Tadéusz is a UX Designer currently working at Briq Bookings. A start-up that makes a booking solution for the leisure industry. His love for UX originate from his study, Communications and Multimedia Design (CMD) at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. The highlight of my day is when I see a user smile at my product or thinks 'it's fine.' I like to explain UX like this. My work is done when you don't notice my work. Because great UX is something you don't notice while you are performing a task. But in hindsight, you might notice that the process went very smoothly

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Personal Development

Besides working hard to make the user experience of a website or application a little bit better. I also like to improve myself little by little.

Image of Tadeusz presenting a presentation at the X-Festival.

Project: Weightloss

At the beginning of the Corona Pandemic, I realized I needed to take better care of myself. I started running to lose my stay-at-home energy. It grew to going to the gym and eating less with great success. I have lost more than 20 kilos! Still more to go!

Image of the fitness application I have made in a gym.

Ted's fitness app (the name will change, hopefully ;))

Starting from a personal frustration of forgetting how many weights I needed to lift per activity, I designed and developed an app to help me. This is still a prototype, but curious how where this project will end.

Number of words and sentences I know in Polish.

Learning Polish

Maybe you already noticed my name and were wondering if he is Dutch. Well, I am, but I do have Polish parents. I wasn't raised bilingual, so I am learning that by myself. I have already learned 432 words and sentences!

Education & Certificates

May 2017

T500, most ambiteus talented persons, The Next Web

April 2017

UX Foundation Certificate

September 2011 - October 2015

Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design(CMD) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


May 2020 - current

UX Designer at Briq Bookings

November 2015 - April 2020

UX Designer at

April 2015 - October 2015

Graduate UX Designer at Promedico

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Project: Weekschema


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