Passionate UX Designer who loves to solve complex problems

Tadéusz is a UX Designer currently working at The biggest e-commerce website of the Netherlands. His love for UX originate from his study Communications and Multimedia Design (CMD) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He gets lots of energy when he sees a user smile at his product or think's 'it's fine.' He explains UX like this. His work is done if you don't notice his work. Because great UX is something you don't see while you are performing a task. But in hindsight, you might notice that the process went very smoothly.

If you want to know more about me, please contact me. Or hit me up on Linkedin.

Education & Certificates

may 2017 T500, most ambiteus talented persons, The Next Web
apr 2017 UX Foundation Certificate
sep 2011 - okt 2015 Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design(CMD) at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences


may 2020 - current UX Designer at Briq Bookings
nov 2015 - apr 2020 UX Designer at
apr 2015 - okt 2015 Graduate UX Designer at Promedico
sep 2014 - feb 2015 Intern UX Designer at Hike One (previously known as UNITiD)

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Project: Parle Francais


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